Lila Adopted

Norma Adopted

Bambini Adopted

Piper Adopted!

Jared Adopted!

Caesar Adopted!

Homer Adopted

Asia Adopted

Missy Adopted

Daisy Adopted

Rockie Adopted

Tobie Adopted

Sammie Adopted

Gizmo Adopted

Bertha Adopted!

Princess Adopted

Maggie Adopted

Casanova Adopted

Romeo Adopted

Princess Adopted

Rocky Adopted

Montana (on left) Adopted

Holly Adopted!!

Harper Adopted

Stewie Adopted

Merry and Noel Adopted



Lucky Adopted

Francine Adopted!

Sawyer Adopted!


Livingston Adopted

Tanner Adopted

Nanook Adopted

Welcome to Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to finding loving homes for adoptable pets and keeping current pets with their owners and out of the shelter system when times are tough.

Starting an animal rescue has been a process, almost two years in the making.  It started out by watching animal shelters curiously from the outside in, then donating, next volunteering and helping to search for missing pets.  But none of that was enough.  I could walk twenty dogs a day at the shelter where I volunteer, but only rarely did that help get anyone a forever home.  Too often, good dogs and cats sit for weeks, months, and even years in cages through no fault of their own.  These are highly adoptable pets, which languish behind bars for far too long.  They could easily make the transition to obedient, well-trained pets if someone would just give them a chance.  That’s where Town & Country steps in.

As a 501(c)(3), we are able to solicit donations (which are 100% tax deductible) to cover the costs associated with getting an adoptable dog into either training, boarding, or a foster home, or getting a pet the medical attention it needs.  We are small and focused, which enables us to concentrate on the best candidate animals getting them out of the shelter system and into a home.  And while we don’t work exclusively with Pits, we feel they need a lot more help than the other breeds.  Pits are the most misunderstood and yet most forgiving breed we have ever seen.  We are committed to being their voice.

Based on my time spent at the shelter, I’ve noticed something striking.  I can find a home for a Golden Retriever with a bite history in twelve hours, but a Pit with bite history will be put down in twelve hours.  I’ve seen it first hand, and I’ve made this comment to several friends in the “dog world”.  It’s become like a mantra to me.  Nothing against Golden Retrievers (I have two of my own), but its breed discrimination, pure and simple. My other mantra is “Tears do nothing.   Actions save lives”.  And that is why I chose to act.